Saturday, December 5, 2015

King Size Blanket Project

I've been making a blanket for a little over a year.  Really simple pattern so I can watch TV, etc. while knitting.  I'm a little over halfway done now, but here is the basic pattern.

There are two size mitre squares.  The small ones are 18 stitches per side and the large ones are 36.  If you're not familiar with the mitre square, I've put the basic form below.  (There is also the opposite way to increase every other row rather than decrease but I prefer this method.)

Small Sq:
Cast on 37 stitches.
Place 2 markers around the middle 3 stitches
Odd rows:  Knit until first marker. SSK.  Pull slipped stitches over last stitch. Knit to end
Even rows: Knit
make sure to move markers so they are always around the middle 3 stitches.
eventually you will have one stitch on your needle.  Knot to end

Large Sq.
Cast on 73 stitches.
same pattern as above

Rather than making the squares separately and piecing them together, I have been picking up off of the previous squares.  Here is my color pattern.

It's slightly less bright than that looks. I've been using Cannon Simply Soft yarn in the following colors:
Autumn Red
Plum Wine
Dark Sage
Dark Country Blue
Country Blue
Lavender Blue

I'm a little over half-way done now, but here is a picture of just before halfway.

It's sideways, but close enough. As you can tell, I started from the bottom right and my diagonal on each square runs with the color diagonal from bottom right to top left.  More updated pics to follow.